Much of my day is spent on conference calls, working with PTC implementation, operations and testing, or working with the software build team.  With the software team I work to compile all of the information they need (signals, switches, sidings, speeds, special operating conditions, etc.) into a set of checklists for specific geographic areas.

I utilize hard and soft resources such as timetables, track charts, and SAP inquiries, and the knowledge of co-workers within my PTC team.  These checklists will ensure all of the PTC components and processes are included in the final build.   In my “spare time”, I review contracts CN has with other railroads and use CN's interactive railroad system map to pinpoint the locations of where we have a crossing with another railroad, where we maintain the signals and gates at a road crossing, where we have the right to access railroad tracks that don't belong to CN, and many other cases. The contracts can be challenging to decipher at times as names of places, intersections and roads have changed over time or the tracks may have been moved or removed completely.  It’s a challenging job, and it keeps me on my toes!

Analyst - PTC, CN