CN Rail Transportation Education Center

History and Opening

"The CN Rail Transportation Education Center (CNRTEC) is a tremendous resource as Michigan Tech's Rail Transportation Program continues to expand. With support, technical experience and training inspired by corporate leaders like CN, Michigan Tech graduates will be prepared to meet the needs of the rail industry for the 21st century” said Pasi Lautala, Director of Rail Transportation Program at Tech.

"CN's decision to support the CN Rail Transportation Education Center is an integral part of the development of this program and has helped ensure its future success. It is a pleasure to be able to share with CN the excitement we have for the Rail Transportation Program," said President Glenn D. Mroz.

CN RTEC is a space for RTP and REAC (Railroad Engineering and Activities Club) members and for students working on rail related courses/projects to meet and work on their activities. This space also allows students to come relax and socialize with each other.

CN RTEC Resources

  • Four computer work stations with rail specified software. Two of the stations are laptop computers donated to the center by IBM.
  • Rail Library
  • Promotional Materials by industry partners
  • Meeting table and space
  • CN RTEC conference room
  • Printer
  • Posters of studies and projects

The Student center consists of four computer stations that have micro station, AutoCAD, vampire and Microsoft software. There is also a rail library which includes several journals, reports, books (related to rail, maintenance of way, design and operations of railroads), magazines and class lecture material. 

The CN RTEC conference room

The CN RTEC technology, shared with CTT, is primarily a web-based conferencing and training room available to anyone on campus. The room consists of:

  • Meeting space for approximately 12 people.
  • A large screen plasma TV monitor
  • A camera for web-based communications
  • A table microphone for computer audio projection and transmission
  • A conference calling  system ( phone unit)
  • A tablet for whiteboard use in Adobe Connect Pro

The CN RTEC Room is located on the third floor of Dillman Hall in rooms 315 and 316. The Student center is room 316 and the CN RTEC conference room is 315.