About Us

In the fall of 2007, Michigan Tech officially established the Rail Transportation program within the Michigan Tech Transportation Institute (MTTI) as a central entity for rail activities. The RTP provides the foundation for all the activities in the field and has become a permanent part of the university curriculum and research.

VISION - Develop Leaders and Technologies for 21st Century Rail Transportation

MISSION - Participate in the development of rail transportation and related engineering skills for the 21st century through an interdisciplinary and collaborative program that aligns Michigan Tech Faculty and Students with the demands of the industry.


RTP Components

Rail Transportation Program at Michigan Tech consists of four integrated components. Together, these components offer a strong framework for  activities under RTP.

Rail Transportation at Michigan Tech is an integrated approach to programming. The design creates an interwoven spectrum of rail opportunities, offering a practical and strong grounding in rail education and outreach to our students, the community, and the rail industry.